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What You Need to Know about Insurance Claims

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

First, reach out to our professional roofing team for a complete inspection. Guess what? It's free! Call us today for a free inspection and we will provide you and your insurance company with a full inspection report and weather damage report.

Dealing with your insurance company may be stressful, let us help you! Our Roof Inspectors will come out to meet with your adjustor and handle all the work for you. Our office staff will stay in contact with your adjustor as well, providing inspection reports, pictures and list of materials as needed.

Let us help you through this process!

Questions to ask prior to filing a roof claim:

  1. How old is the roof? - Insurance companies are more likely to replace an older roof vs a new roof that may need repair only.

  2. What does your insurance cover? - Some may only cover up to a certain amount after a paid deductible.

  3. How much damage is there? - We can provide that information with our free inspection!

  4. Which roofing company do I chose? - Choosing a roofer you can trust is essential. Let us be your preferred roofing company!

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